Hội An

I missed Hội An on my first trip to Vietnam so it was a must on this past trip.  Hội An ended up being my favorite destination in Vietnam because it had everything I love in a city; it’s located near the beach, is a beautiful ancient city, and has great food.  I spent 5 days there which was the perfect amount of time to get a custom dress made, get lost in the old town and admire the French colonial architecture.  It’s a very romantic city and even though I was traveling solo, I was easily seduced by the beauty of Hội An.

I stayed at Hoi An Village Villas which is located equidistant to the main town and the beach.  I loved Hoi An Village Villas because it was like staying at a resort at a fraction of the price.  They have a pool (which was key for the hot afternoons), breakfast, and they offered shuttle service to town.  They also had bike rentals which I took advantage of when I went to the beach. 

I just happened to be in Hội An for the full moon lantern festival where you can find hordes of locals and tourists gather by the river to make a wish over a lantern.  It was probably one of the most beautiful sites I’ve ever seen; the entire river was covered in lanterns and people’s wishes.  The photos won’t do this place justice but hopefully I can try.   


Hoi An Village Villas


  • Mai Fish – Seafood
  • White Marble Wine Bar – Wine bar and Vietnamese food
  • Nu Eatery – Good com ga
  • Reaching Out Teahouse – Teahouse that employs people with disabilities and great tea!
  • Rosie’s Cafe – Great coffee and vegan chocolate cake


  • Get custom clothes made at Kimmy Tailor.  My dress was made within 24 hours.
  • Wander through the old town especially during night time.
  • Rent bikes and ride to the beach.

My lovely room

The view from my room

This pool saved me from a lot of hot afternoons

Riding to the beach

Buffalo soldier

Admiring the beach

Dragonfruit is one of my favorites

It’s too hot for a ride

Hội An during the day

Practicing silence at Reaching Out Teahouse

Tea sampler

Sampling different teas with Vietnamese sweets

Vietnamese Confections at Reaching Out Teahouse

Lunch at Nu Eatery

Vegan chocolate cake at Rosie’s Cafe

Lanterns for the full moon festival

The busy streets of Hội An

Japanese covered bridge is a tourist attraction

Lady putting lanterns into the river

Full moon

Popular spot for drinks and dinner

Women selling wishes

Beautiful Hội An town

Unforgettable experience