What is Masculine and Feminine Energy?

I recently got some hateful and aggressive messages after I commented on Alicia Keys’ IGTV. In the video, she talks about how her son wanted to put nail polish on but was scared people would make fun of him. She took this as a teaching moment and told her son that he should do what he wants and live without fear of being judged.

Her bigger message was that masculine and feminine energies are spiritual concepts and how someone chooses to explore their masculine and feminine sides shouldn’t be judged. The aggression from these men was very triggering for me but instead of reacting, I decided to observe my thoughts and sink into it.

Instead of writing back, I decided to do a video about masculine and feminine energy which we learned at Kundalini yoga teacher training. Balancing the masculine and feminine energies is also a universal law. I hope this is the beginning of this conversation about masculine and feminine ENERGIES and what that means to bring more balance to the world.

Intro song by: Mornings by Pryces x Jef x Tolan