Sat Kriya

Sat Kriya is one of the most powerful and complete kriyas Yogi Bhajan taught. Sat Kriya is fundamental to Kundalini yoga and could be practiced on its own every day for at least 3 minutes. This kriya is perfect for the busy modern person because including the Adi Mantra and the closing Sat Nam, it’s less than 10 minutes of your day.


  • Sit on the heels in rock pose, knees together. If you have knee problems, sit in easy pose, cross-legged.
  • Stretch the arms over the head with elbows straight, until the arms hug the sides of the head.
  • Interlace all the fingers except the index fingers. Men cross the right thumb over the left. Women cross the left thumb over the right.
  • The spine stays still and straight. This is neither a spinal flex nor a pelvic thrust.
  • Remain firmly seated on the heels throughout the motions of the kriya.

Locks & Mantra:

  • Begin to chant Sat Naam with a constant rhythm of about 8 times per 10 seconds. As you pull the navel in and up toward the spine, chant Sat from the Navel Point. Feel it as a pressure from the Third Chakra. With the sound Naam, relax the belly.
  • As you continue in a steady rhythm, the root and diaphragm locks are automatically pulled. The steady waves of effort from the navel gradually enlist the movement of the greater abdomen. The breath regulates itself – no breath focus is necessary.
  • The focus of the sound Naam can be either at the Navel Point or at the Brow Point (the point where the eyebrows meet at the root of the nose; the area that corresponds to the Sixth Chakra).
  • The force is through the navel but the two locks come along sympathetically. This natural pull of the two locks creates a physiological balance. Blood pressure is maintained evenly.

Begin with 3 minutes. To finish, inhale and squeeze the muscles tightly from the buttocks all the way up the back, past the shoulders. Mentally allow the energy to flow through the top of the skull. Ideally, you should relax for twice the length of time that the kriya was practiced.

This is a POWERFUL kriya so deep relaxation after this kriya is a must and nearly as important as the initial effort. It activates the Parasympathetic Nervous System which allows the body’s systems need time to regenerate and reconstitute themselves.  


  • Strengthens the entire sexual system
  • Stimulates its natural flow of energy.
  • Relaxes phobias about sexuality.
  • Allows you to control the insistent sexual impulse by channelizing sexual energy to creative and healing activities in the body.
  • People who are severely maladjusted or who have mental problems benefit from this kriya since these disturbances are always connected with an imbalance in the energies of the lower three chakras.
  • General physical health is improved
  • All the internal organs receive a gentle rhythmic massage from this exercise.
  • The heart gets stronger from the rhythmic up-and-down of blood pressure you generate from the pumping motion of the navel point.

Reference: 3HO Foundation