How I Stay Grounded During Scary Times

In this week’s Jupiter Thursday’s Day of Expansion, which feels more like a contraction, I talk about how I ground myself during these fearful and chaotic times. Being an empath, I’ve been feeling the collective fear. I needed to double-down on my spiritual practice to release it and ground myself.

When your outer world is chaotic and you don’t have control over anything, you do have control over yourself. These are things you can do and things you have control over:

1. Ask for guidance from a higher power. When shit hits the fan, I will ask every being of light for help. I started asking unknowingly, Archangel Raphael, the healing angel for help. He showed up right away with guidance and healing green orbs. He said to keep your vibration high. Take your health seriously! Eat nutritious food, get REST, get enough sleep, and calm your nervous system down. The message that kept coming through was rest, rest and rest.

2. Ask for help from humans. The first thing I did was ask my sister for Reiki. She happens to be a nurse so I keep asking her for advice. I’ve been calling my spiritual friends on the phone old school style to talk. I am in a group chat with my college girlfriends for emotional support. It has been so healing and cathartic. It’s mostly us just exchanging funny memes back and forth. I started moving all my appointments online. Keeping my vibration high and my immunity high is my #1 priority. This is the beauty of technology, we can meet online and still get shit done.

3. Ground yourself. Double down on your spiritual practice or start one. Create space for yourself to go inward. Learn about the root chakra and how you can balance this chakra out. It’s the chakra for safety, security, fear, and groundedness. Visualize healing white light entering you.

I also want to add that it’s important not to bury your head in the sand and escape reality. It’s about being informed by scientists and experts and learning to create energetic boundaries for yourself. You only have control over your mindset, health, and energy!

I’ve been doing distance Reiki for my clients. It works just as beautifully as in-person sessions but from the comfort of your own home. Book here