Weekend Mornings

saturdaymornings1{Skipping to brunch}

Life is about enjoying the simple things in life.  It’s hard to notice the small things when you’re running around and just trying to get through the week.  Everyone loves the weekend right?  A chance to sleep in, work out, catch up with friends, and get to those errands.  I usually can’t sleep in on the weekends but it’s fine by me because it’s the best time in the city.  The city has a serene calm to it and there’s a very beautiful zen feeling to it.  It’s during these weekend mornings when I truly appreciate the small things in life.  I look forward to these small rituals every week.  These are some things during the weekend mornings that make me happy.

saturdaymornings2{Reading the Sunday New York Times}

weekend3{Starting fresh and clean with a green juice}

weekendmornings4 {Getting back in bed}

weekendmornings5 {A gorgeous cup of coffee}