Things I love About Spring

cherryblossoms{Cherry blossoms at the BBG read here}

I love Spring because it signifies a fresh start.  The days get longer and warmer, all the flowers start blooming and everyone seems to be smiling.  Spring is the time to come out of hibernation, ditch those sweaters and start the outdoor festivities.  I feel like this is the time when I start to become more lively and my year truly starts.  It’s still 2 weeks until Spring but I’m so excited thinking about all the things I want to do, I’ve already started planning.  These are the things that I love about Spring.

funfetticake{My birthday is on the first day of Spring which usually means I can gorge on cake!}

blackberrypieraspberrypie{Making and eating fresh fruit pies}

centralpark{Central Park blooming}

picnics{The first of many picnics in the park}


eastereggs{Making Easter eggs read here}

freshsalad{Craving fresh salads for Spring}

bikesbikes{The first of many bike rides}

wearingcolor{Wearing colorful dresses}

farmersmarket{Buying fresh fruits and vegetables at the farmer’s market}

walkingcentralpark{Long strolls through Central Park}