Summer Recap

summerrecap1Since Labor Day weekend is behind us, the unofficial end of Summer, I can’t help but reminisce about some of the memories I made this Summer.  For us New Yorkers we had such a brutal and long Winter, the Summer meant that much more for us.  I felt like everyone was on the same page which was to live-it-up.  It seemed like everyone was taking advantage of the mild Summer and I honestly have to say, it was one of the best Summers I’ve ever had.

I made a promise to myself to not travel internationally but to discover hidden gems in and around NY.  One huge advantage to this promise was that I got to discover these places with my friends, parents and sister.  It was pretty amazing the places we found just an hour away from our home base.  I just kept thinking, I’ve traveled 24 hours around the world to learn how to surf in Bali but I never considered learning in Montauk which is just 3 hours away.

I might not have had a fancy European haunt or increased my frequent flier miles but I have successfully accrued precious memories with my hometown friends and family.  That I would say is priceless.  I’m not quite ready to say goodbye to this unforgettable Summer but I am looking forward to Fall which is arguably the best time to be in the city.