Sugar Rush: Spot Dessert Bar

{Yuzu Eskimo-Blackberries, Raspberry Foam, Chocolate Pearls, Chocolate Ganards, Oreo Soil}
 {Spicy hot chocolate}
 {Glittery cupcakes}
 {Chocolate Truffle with Green Tea Ice Cream}
 {Almond Hazelnut Macaroon, Chocolate Ginger Bomb, and Raspberry and Rose Macaroon}


This was our second time to Spot Dessert Bar.  This time around, the line was longer probably because it’s been around for almost a year a now and has received quite a lot of press.  When we came the 1st time, it just opened and was practically empty.  The owner was chatting with us while we waited for a table and now he was no where to be found.  What is it with Asians and their cute desserts?  Everything was so good and the attention to detail was amazing.  Cupcakes with icing that looked like clouds, the usage of interesting ingredients like basil seeds (I tried them, they don’t have flavor. They are probably used for texture purposes).  Some of the desserts had glitter on the icing.  After eating everything on the menu, I promptly checked myself in to sugar rehab.


13 St Marks Pl
New York, NY 10003
(212) 677-5670