My Guide to Turks & Caicos

I recently posted pictures from my trip here.  This is my guide to the island to help you plan your trip.  This is my list of things you must eat, see, and do:

1. Stay at Grace Bay.  We stayed at the Regent Palms but there are tons of resorts on the beach.  Grace Bay is one of the nicest beaches I’ve ever seen with turquoise water and powdering white sand.

2. Eat the coconut pie at Coco Bistro.  The ambiance is amazing.  You dine under the stars and palm trees.  The coconut pie was my favorite thing I ate during the whole trip.

3. Go diving with Caicos Adventure.  Fifi and his crew were fun, easy-going, and very helpful.  Fifi’s boat was the most pristine boat I had ever been on, immaculately clean and large enough to hold a group of divers.  We dove the West Caicos wall and saw 4 eagle rays swimming together.  We loved it so much we went a 2nd day.

4. Eat ice cream at Bay Bistro.  Our hotel was next door to the Sibonne Beach Hotel where Bay Bistro is located and they had the most delicious homemade ice cream.

5. Eat conch fritters at Da Conch Shack.  Conch rules on this island and Da Conch Shack is the place to go with daily catches and live music.

{Grace Bay Beach}

{The Regent Palms pool}

{Coconut pie at Coco Bistro}

{Between dives}

 {Ice cream at Bay Bistro}

{I heart Turks & Caicos}