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Class Pass

classpassAbout a month ago, after an intense class at Barry’s Bootcamp, I overheard the other ladies in the locker room talking about Class Pass.  They were discussing all the different classes they’ve tried and which ones were their favorites.  I was intrigued and asked them what Class Pass was and how it worked.  For $99 a month, you get a “pass” to work out at various studios around nyc.  Can I just point out that’s a bargain in nyc.  Most of the studios that are featured are ones that I already have been to like Exhale and Bikram Yoga. Fortunately for me, I signed up Memorial Day weekend and got their Summer special where you get unlimited classes for the month (please visit their website for more details).

I’ve been using Class Pass for a month now and I’ve been able to try all sorts of workouts at various studios.  It’s been such a fun experience and I’ve even found new workouts that I never would’ve found without Class Pass.  I’ve tried TRX at Flex Studios, rowing at City Row, and dance at DMF just to name a few.  I never would’ve thought I would love dancing the butterfly with a room full of strangers but apparently I do!  They are constantly updating their site with new studios which is awesome because you will never get bored.  There are so many classes that I still want to try like Aqua Cycle, yes that’s spinning in a pool!

The one negative thing people have told me about Class Pass is that it’s hard to sign up for the classes that you want.  My solution is to be vigilant and set up alarms, I’ve been able to get into every class I’ve wanted to take.  Their customer service has been really great whenever there’s been a problem, they’ve always been responsive.  I’m not saying it’s a perfect system but overall, I love that I can try new workouts because it keeps my body guessing.  Joining Class Pass has also helped me overcome my fears like dancing in front of strangers and sober no less.  Now, I just need to build the courage to try a Bollywood dancing class.