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8 Week Challenge

physique57_8weekchallengeTomorrow, I’m starting the 8 week challenge with Physique 57.  I’ve never done a challenge before but I really needed to reset my body, mind and soul.  It’s been so easy to keep bad habits after a glutinous holiday.  I also have zero motivation to eat healthy during this cold winter.  I really needed a challenge to get me back on track and I really want to feel good again inside and out.  This challenge is perfect because it’s 8 weeks which is long enough to see results but short enough where you don’t feel like it’s forever.  The challenge consists of online videos so you can workout at your convenience.  It’s perfect for those of you who travel a lot.  It’s also a great opportunity for those of you who don’t live in New York City or Los Angeles to try the Physique 57 workouts.   You get 8 weeks of unlimited videos, a workout calendar, and healthy recipes.  The best part is that it’s only $114!  Sign up today because the challenge starts tomorrow!  Here’s to a New Year and New You!