Happy Halloween!

We planned a Halloween cocktail party this past Saturday but little did we know, mother nature had plans of her own.  We got slammed with a snow storm in October-so bizarre! It looked like this all day…

Most of our guests canceled but since I had already prepared the food and the drinks and I was decked out in my costume (Cupcake), we decided the party shall go on!  These are the goodies I made…

    {Table full of goodies}

{Black chandeliers set the mood}

{Mozzarella eyeballs and truffled popcorn}

{Devilish deviled eggs}

{Hummus with creepy fingers}

{Guacamole with colorful chips}

{Brain cupcakes}

{Pumpkin spiced pumpkin cookies}

{Candy corn martinis}

{Miss Buttercup as Cupcake}

{Can barely sit…drinking mulled cider}