Celebrations, Slovakia

Christmas in Bratislava

{Christmas ornaments at a Vienna market} 
{Old Town}
{View from Bratislava castle}
{Blue church}
{Statue in Old Town}
{Christmas snack stand}
{Celebrating Christmas}
{Christmas dinner}
It was my first Christmas at my boyfriend’s motherland, Slovakia. I was guilty of not knowing where Slovakia was on the map. I literally had to google it. I’ve never been to Eastern Europe let alone a small country like Slovakia. My friends were like, “where you goin?” It didn’t matter to me where Slovakia was, I’ve spent the last 28 Christmases in NY with my family, it was time for a change. I was lucky enough to have spent this past Christmas in Bratislava, Slovakia to meet my boyfriend’s family, friends, and visit his old haunts. My favorite part of the trip was visiting the old town in Bratislava. Every city has an old town but Bratislava’s was so beautiful. It was special, I can’t really describe it in words. The town was majestic with its colonial architecture, the cobblestone streets, and the castle that towers over the city and overlooks the Danube river. Every night we would go to the Christmas market in town and drink warm wine punch and eat fried pork sandwiches. The meal of the week was duck. We ate duck, duck, more duck and some duck fat. It was amazing. We went to Vienna, Austria for the day, which was only a 1 hour train ride from Bratislava. We visited Schonbrunn Palace, which was a Habsburg residence and Cafe Hawelka in Stephansplatz (really really old cafe). I want to go back to Vienna to visit the other palaces, art museums and eat a Wienerschnitzel. My first trip to Eastern Europe was so wonderful I am left wanting more!