Be Happy


Whenever I ask friends, family, and acquaintances what they wish for, the answer is always happiness.  Happiness is the one thing everyone strives for so why is it so hard to attain?  My good friend introduced me to this documentary movie, The Happy Movie.  It goes to places around the world like Okinawa, Brazil, Namibia, and the Bayous of Louisiana and shows you what makes these people happy.  It was such a beautiful movie and eye-awakening to learn what factors made these people happy.  You guessed it, it had nothing to do with money.  I consider myself to be a very happy and positive person but every now and then, I need a little boost.  I watch this movie to be inspired.  Happiness is a conscious choice and life is too short not to be happy.  I recommend this movie to everyone I know and now I’m urging you to watch it.  Be Happy!