A Day at the Farm

farm1The Hamptons can be a very glamorous and posh place but for us it’s all about relaxation, healthy eating, and the beach.  One of our favorite things about the Hamptons is the abundance of farms and horses.  Just drive through the idyllic streets and you’ll see many stables and farms.  We were invited to a friend’s farm recently and it was like a Pinterest board, I couldn’t get enough.  There were guinea hens, chickens, and horses running free. Acres and acres of land which for us city dwellers is hard to wrap our head around.  It was the perfect day of riding horses and eating homemade paella al fresco.  I think the whole point of me writing posts like this is to show you that the Hamptons is not all about celebrity sightings and luxe parties.  It’s what you make of it and for us, it’s all about slowing down and being outside with nature.