Living Room Inspiration

livingroominspoI read in Elle Decor once that you can tell a lot about a person or a couple’s personality by the type of home they choose to live in and the way they decorate it.  I didn’t get it until we were looking at houses.  We didn’t want to waste time on houses that wouldn’t make sense for us so we decided to write a list of things we wanted in a home.  These were some of the things on the list: 1) open floor plan with living and dining rooms 2) 3+ bedrooms for guests 3) some lawn space for outdoor entertaining 4) fireplace for year round living and 5) near the beach.  After looking at 15 other houses, we found the one and it’s true what they say, when you find your home you just know.  It’s like an emotional experience.  The minute I walked into the front door, I just knew.

My boyfriend and I have been very collaborative about home decor.  Lucky for me, we have similar tastes and we’re usually on the same page about things.  The decorating process really began with being inspired by the Hamptons.  In the Hamptons, you have the beach, the ocean, sailing, farms and horses.  Since we love all of these themes anyway, we decided to incorporate them into our home.  We went from room-to-room thinking about the overall theme and started finding furniture and pieces to fit.  I really love designer pieces but I don’t like spending thousands of dollars on decor.  So my approach has been to find inspiration from magazines like Elle Decor but find lower priced items from places like West Elm and Overstock.  We’ve also been looking for unique one of a kind items from Etsy and antique shops.  My point is, having a beautiful home doesn’t mean you need to spend unnecessary amounts of money when you can find similar lower priced items.

Since I’m a visual person, I always make an inspiration board.  Oftentimes, I use photos from my travels as inspiration for color palettes and textures.  The first room I started with was the living room that connects to the kitchen since this area is going to be the hub of the house where everyone will hang out.  It’s still a work in progress but I wanted to share with you the living room decor inspiration.

livingroom_moodboardColor swatches by Design Seeds | Couch from Crate and Barrel | Coffee table from Crate and Barrel | Coral lamp from Horchow | L plate from C Wonder | Orange ikat pillows from C Wonder | Galapagos pillow from Anthropologie | Rug from Overstock | Vases from West Elm | Throw blankets from West Elm