Home Office Inspirations

The photo above is of my “office” which is also the dining room and part of the living room.  Living in an apartment in New York doesn’t allow many of us to have a separate room for an office, so we have multi-functional spaces!  I have a few staples while I work: 1) Music on my ladybug speakers 2) notepad 3) fresh flowers because they make me happy and 4) lime, cucumber and basil water because regular is boring.  Sometimes when I have writer’s block, I look at pictures of offices that inspire me to create a better space for myself.  These were the recent ones I’ve found and I’ve been daydreaming of the day when I’ll have an office or a closet (you’ll see what I mean).


 {Elegant blue office with a vintage photo wall}

{I love the pops of color from the chair and the rug}

{Kelly Wearstler’s black and gold office}

{I love the rustic touches}

{Closet office is a space saver and great disco ball}

{Black and white accents}

{Another elegant closet office for the space challenged}

{The shelves are amazing}

{I want a large cork board wall too}

Photos found on Pinterest