Fashion Favorites

What’s In My Bag

I love the column in US Weekly where you get to see what’s in a celebrity’s bag.  I often get asked, what’s in your bag? It’s so heavy!  It’s because I carry my life in there.  I’ve been carrying the same Cole Haan bag for the past 6 years and its age is definitely showing!  I’m looking for a new bag that can be worn both on the shoulder and as a cross body.  A bag with lots of compartments and is big enough to hold my camera.  Let me know if you have any suggestions!  In the meantime, here’s what’s in my bag at the moment.

1. Faux snake skin wallet from Zara

2. Moleskine notebook and black pen for writing down project ideas

3. Trident gum-I’m an obsessive gum chewer

4. When I don’t want to carry my huge camera around, I use the iphone camera which is really really good

5. Smart water

6. Marc Jacobs aviators

7. Think Thin bar in chunky peanut butter-You don’t wanna see me hungry!

8. iphone charger because my phone always dies

9. I’m reading the Alchemist for the 2nd time, it’s such a beautiful book.  Like my bacon bookmark?

10. Wet ones to wipe my hands after the subway

11. Victoria’s Secret lip gloss in Slice of Heaven

12. Body butter from Bliss

13. ipod for listening to music while I walk