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Packing For Two Climates

outfits_two_climates1. Black Shirt: Zara | 2. Grey Shirt: Zara | 3. Lace Top: Zara | 4. Chambray Shirt: Madewell | 5. Pave arrowstack necklace: Madewell | 6. Pink Phoenix Necklace: Bauble Bar | 7. Tab Strand: Bauble Bar | 8. Jeweled Cuff: JCrew | 9. Ribbed Cardigan: Ivory Row | 10. Parka: Zara | 11. Felt Hat: JCrew | 12. Faux Leather Pants: H&M | 13. Jeans: J Brand | 14. Training Pants: Nike | 15. Scarf: A Peace Treaty | 16. Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs | 17. Boots: Piperlime | 18. Sneakers: Nike | 19. Duffel: Madewell

Last week, I was faced with the challenge of packing for my trip in two climates on the West Coast.  My trip started in LA where the weather was in the high 70’s, warm, and sunny and ended in Seattle where the weather was 50’s, windy, and rainy.  I’ve become a super efficient packer over the years.  I never check-in my bag and this time was no different.  I just had to be smart about my outfits and plan ahead.

When it comes to clothes, I stick to neutrals because you can mix and match everything.  It also makes transitioning into colder climates easier because you can just add layers.  Because I wear a lot of neutrals, I add pops of color with accessories.  I was in the longest search for the perfect dual purpose sneaker.  I wanted a sneaker that was cute enough to wear with outfits during the day but also functional enough so I can workout.  I finally found them with these Nike Free 5.0+ sneakers.  I love them in black because they go with every outfit I have.  My other must have item is a big scarf which acts as a great blanket for the plane (who wants to use the ones they give you?) and is essential for cooler climates.

I pack everything into a carry-on suitcase like this one here and put my purse, magazines, and other items in a duffel so technically I have 2 personal items.  With a little planning and packing items with multiple purposes, you will fit everything in your carry-on and wear everything you packed.  Bon Voyage!

LA outfits seattle outfits