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Ivory Row

ivoryrow_landingpage2It’s sweater weather and I’m thrilled to introduce all of you to Ivory Row, a lux yet affordable cashmere line.  I’m not just pushing this brand in your face because the designer and co-founder is one of my girlfriends but because last week, I got to try on the cashmere sweaters for myself and was blown away by the quality and fit.

I’m not a girl who usually spends a lot of money on clothes but for speciality items, I will splurge.  These sweaters are truly special.  You might not see it in the photos but there is so much detail in the yarn and the design.  During my visit to Ivory Row HQ, I began to learn more about cashmere sweaters and why Ivory Row’s are more affordable than other brands.  Ivory Row’s business model is direct-to-customer similar to Warby Parker so there’s no middle man.  So you and I can have high quality sweaters without breaking the bank.  Fun fact: Did you know it takes four years for a cashmere goat to grow enough fur for one sweater?

I purchased the ribbed cardigan which is not only warm and extremely soft but it has little speckles of gold yarn running through making it a one of a kind sweater for my Fall and Winter wardrobe.  See below for more Ivory Row sweaters…

ivoryrow_2Cable Crewneck Sweater

ivoryrow_3Baseball Sweater