Fashion Favorites

Cold Weather Style

mamaishaute {Grace Sun from Mama is Haute}

I get pretty lazy about the way I dress during the winter.  I pretty much stick to black leggings, a sweater and my standard black coat.  I should really step up my game because living in New York City, it’s hard not to notice the amazing street style you see everywhere.  The women in New York City put my outfits to shame.  I get most of my fashion inspirations just by strolling the streets of Soho or the East Village.  I love outfits that are a mix of high and low end brands.  I truly believe styling outfits is an art form and I’m still learning.  The following photos are some of my favorite cold weather styles.  These ladies know how to dress for the winter without looking frumpy.  I love how all of the ladies dressed comfortably but still managed to look polished and effortless.  You won’t see any Uggs here!  

karolina_kurkova_streetstyle {Karolina Kurkova from Sourire à la Vie}

Olivia_Palermo {Olivia Palermo}

pinkpeonies{Rachel Parcell from Pink Peonies}

manrepeller {Leandra Medine from icovet}

Vanessa_Jackman {Emily Senko from Vanessa Jackman}