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DIY: Charlize Theron’s Updo

I loved Charlize Theron’s updo at the Golden Globes this year.  It was modern, a little messy, and glamorous.  I wanted to try it out for a night out.  All you need is a curling iron, hairspray, bobby pins, and a headband.  I bought the headband from JCrew on sale for $9.99.

1. I curl my hair into long soft waves using a Hot Tools curling iron with 1 1/2 barrel.  I wrap strands of hair onto the barrel.

2. Wait 15 – 20 seconds.

3. Spray your head with hairspray. Divide hair into 3 sections.

4. Begin twisting 2 of the sections together.

5. Make a bun with the twisted section.

6. Secure with bobby pins.

7. Should look like this.

8. Take the 3rd section and while twisting, wrap around the bun.

9. Secure with bobby pins.

10.  I pulled my side bangs towards the front while I put on the headband.

11. Aw man, the headband got stuck!

12. Ok, it didn’t come out exactly like hers but here’s the finished product!