Best Beauty

nycbeautyIt takes a village for a New York City girl to look her best.  Over the years, I’ve tried countless salons and spas and through trial and error, I’ve discovered some pretty amazing places.  New York City is a place where you can easily spend your salary in beauty care and treatments, I’m just not that kind of gal.  What all of these places have in common is great service for a great price.  I want to look gorgeous but I still need to feel like I got a good deal.  I’ve also become best friends with Groupon and Lifebooker who’s deals have actually led me to some of my favorite salons and spas.  My girlfriends always ask me for suggestions on the best place to get a bikini wax or a spray tan so I thought I would share my favorites with you all of you.  Get gorgeous babe!

nycbeauty2 {Photo from Asanda Aveda Spa Lounge}

1. I first discovered Asanda Aveda Spa Lounge through Groupon when they had a deal for a hot stone massage for $39 (regular price $80). I was in need of a massage so I booked it and I went. I’ve been back several times since.  I also love their facials. Asanada Aveda is part of Aveda spa which uses green ingredients and most of their products are certified organic. It ocurred to me recently that it’s just as important to use green products on your face as to eat green ingredients. I’ve since become a huge fan of Aveda products. What I love about this hip Soho spa is that the regular priced services like facials and massages are not as wildly expensive like other spas in the city. My advice to you is to check Groupon frequently for deals so that you can try it for yourself.

nycbeauty32. My girlfriend suggested I get a spray tan at Brazil Bronze Glow Bar before my trip to Miami this past Spring. Needless to say, I was pasty white and was in need of some color and fast. My only concern with spray tans is how unnatural and orange they tend to look. My doubts were put at ease when I tried my first tan. At the same time, I discovered Lifebooker another flash sight for beauty and fitness. I bought 2 spray tans for $44 (regular price for one is $60). You walk into their Soho location and it’s a mini bronzing factory. When I met up with my friends later that night for a drink, they couldn’t believe how natural the tan looked. Now, I don’t see any reason for harmful rays! The photo above is of me 2 days post spray tan.

nycbeauty4 {Essie Salon | Photo by 24th Letter}

3. I’m obsessed with Essie nail polish and when I heard they had a flagship store in nyc, I had to go. The rows and rows of colorful nail polish just made me shriek like a little girl.

nycbeauty5 {Photo from Great Jones Spa}

4. I was looking for a spa in the city with a water lounge and stumbled upon Great Jones Spa which is the perfect oasis from the concrete jungle that is nyc. They have an amazing water lounge which is free if you have a treatment over $100 or $50 if you don’t. The treatments are fabulous as well.

nycbeauty65. Sometimes a girl just needs a good blow-out to feel her best. I’ve been getting a blow out at Dry Bar since it first opened.  I love how glamorous they make you feel.  They offer you a drink and you just sit back and relax with either a magazine or watching tv. All blowouts are $40 which is a steal in nyc.  I must say, after my blowout, I couldn’t stop looking at myself!

nycbeauty7 {Photo from European Wax Center}

6. Whenever I bring up the topic of waxing my girlfriends get so squeamish. It’s not everyone’s favorite thing to do but I find it an essential part of my routine. I finally found THE place which was introduced to me by my boyfriend (was that a hint hint?). They use 100% beeswax from France that is distributed exclusively to European Wax. Read their 4 step glorious process here. It’s the least painful waxing I’ve ever had. I’ve been to every waxing center in nyc and trust me this is the best and considering it’s $42 a wax, you’ll have enough money leftover for other more fun things.

nycbeauty8 {Photo by JJ Eyelashes}

7. I wasn’t given the gift of lush lashes so I live by my mascara and falsies. When there’s an extra special occassion, I must get eyelash extensions at JJ Eyelashes. My girlfriend told me about this place after I noticed her gorgeous lashes. Yes, it’s expensive but to see yourself with long and lush eyelashes for 2 weeks is worth it plus, you don’t have to worry about one of them falling off during an event.