Beach Waves

People are usually surprised to know that I have naturally wavy hair.  Straightening my hair is a time consuming process that I normally don’t want to do.  So for that reason, my go-to hairstyle is beach waves.  It’s easy, it takes me only 15 minutes and I always look put together.  It’s the perfect fun and flirty look for summer!

I start by putting Herbal Essences curling mousse in my hair then I let it air dry (obviously, if I don’t have time, I blow dry it). I divide my hair into 4 sections that include the top 2 sections and bottom 2 sections so it’s easier to work with.

I take a small section of hair and curl the hair onto the curling iron starting halfway up the strand of hair. I do this because I have long hair and I’m going for medium loose waves. If you want tighter waves, curl the entire strand of hair.

Once I’ve finished the bottom sections, I move to the top. You can see I’m curling the strand of hair onto the curling iron.

I hold it into place for about 1 minute.

I continue until I’m finished with the top 2 sections of my hair.

 I spray a little hair spray to hold the waves into place.

 This is the finished look.