Zucchini Bread

I never understood the appeal of zucchini bread.  I’m not a huge fan of vegetables appearing in my desserts or pastries e.g. carrot cake.  This was until I had homemade zucchini bread in the Hamptons.  It was super moist and had spicy flavors like cinnamon and nutmeg.  I decided to make it for the hosts we were staying with last weekend in Maine.  The only question was, would it last the 10 hour trip?  I scoured the internet for the best recipe and stumbled upon Smitten Kitchen’s recipe for zucchini bread (here).  The zucchini bread thankfully made the trip and my-o-my was it delicious.  The zucchini bread even converted some zucchini haters to loving this bread.  We ate it for breakfast with our coffees and also paired it with hazelnut gelato for dessert.  Next time, I’m going to make it with chocolate chips!