Thanksgiving Leftover Sandwich

thanksgivingsandwichThe best part about Thanksgiving has to be the leftovers.  I make extra of everything just so that I can eat the leftovers for a couple of days.  It’s the only time of the year where you can be totally indulgent right?  I also love that turkey is pretty versatile so you can make different meals with it.  For lunch today, I made one of my favorites, the Thanksgiving leftover sandwich.  I somehow cram the turkey and most of the sides into this moist and delicious sandwich.  Have you ever seen that Friends episode where someone eats Ross’ leftover sandwich?  When ever I eat my sandwich I think of that classic episode.  The sandwich was inspired by Monica’s because I believe the layering of the sides is very important to enhance the flavor. Here is the order: bread, stuffing, thin layer of gravy, turkey, sweet potato, chopped brussel sprouts, cranberry sauce, and bread.  It’s literally the best sandwich you will ever eat.