Summer Grilling

summergrilling1When people ask me what makes me happy in life; the answer is being with friends and family cooking and eating together.  When dinner is a group effort, you want the recipe to be fairly easy to make and it doesn’t take forever to cook.  That’s why I think grilling is the best solution.  The food cooks fast and the food is guaranteed to taste good.  Last weekend, we went to a friend’s house and I was in charge of dinner.  I decided that we were going to make one of my favorite dishes, roasted whole branzino (recipe here), grilled vegetables, and sweet corn.  We cooked everything over the grill.  For cocktails, we made tipsy Arnold Palmers, which is basically lemonade and sweet tea.  It’s tipsy because we added sweet tea vodka.  It’s amazing how cooking can be an incredible bonding experience.  The best part is of course enjoying the fruits of our labor, dining al fresco under the stars.  The only mishap was after our 3rd cocktail, some of the veggies were forgotten on the grill and were a little crispy.  My motto in life is eat, drink, and be merry!

summergrilling2To make the tipsy Arnold Palmers you need the juice of 16 lemons (should yield about 1 cup of lemon juice), 1/2 cup simple syrup, mint, 1/2 cup of water or sparkling water, 1 cup of sweat tea vodka like Firefly Vodka.

summergrilling3To assemble the drink, I put the mint in the cup first and muddled them like you would a mojito. I poured in the lemon juice first and then half of the simple syrup. I tasted it to see how sweet I wanted it. Then I added the water to thin out the lemon juice. Finally, I added the sweat tea vodka.

summergrilling4 Voilà! A lovely summer drink!

summergrilling5Making the whole branzinos

summergrilling6 Seasoning the veggies

summergrilling7 It was a group effort

summergrilling8 Wow men at work!