Strawberry Clouds

strawberryclouds1When I want a dessert that is light and crunchy, I always make these strawberry clouds.  They are actually meringues but I call them clouds because they are so light.  I use this recipe here because it’s really easy to make and it doesn’t call for a lot of ingredients.  They also happen to be gluten free and they kind of taste like macarons without the filling.  I really love eating the strawberry clouds because they satisfy my sweet tooth without being overly sweet.

strawberryclouds2The recipe calls for freeze-dried strawberries because the fresh ones would weigh the meringues down.

strawberryclouds3Making the meringue from egg whites and sugar.

strawberryclouds4Slowly fold in the lemon zest then the chopped strawberries.

strawberryclouds5I used an ice cream scoop to evenly portion out the meringues.

strawberryclouds6They bake for 2 hours, I know that seems like a really long time!

strawberryclouds7But totally worth the wait!