Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake

My favorite things in life are champagne and cake.  Probably because they represent celebrations.  I was actually going to name this blog champagne and cake but the domain name was taken (darn!).  There were a lot of things to celebrate this past weekend.  It was my girlfriend’s birthday, MLK Jr. Day, and our (me and boyfriend) anniversary.  I decided to go all out and bake this fancy cake, which is also called sweet and salty cake.  The original recipe is from Baked bakery in Red Hook, Brooklyn.  The chocolate cake is super moist and the salty caramel pairs perfectly with the chocolate ganache.  I got to bust out my candy thermometer and make caramel, which was not as scary as I anticipated.  As you can tell, I love any excuse to bake a cake and eat it!

Recipe from Baked: New Frontier in Baking