Roasted Corn and Tomato Salad

corntomatoes1We have been eating corn and tomatoes consistently since the beginning of August.  Why? Because late Summer is the best time to get the most delicious corn and tomatoes especially on Long Island.  I’ve come up with an array of recipes to showcase both the corn and the tomatoes but this one happens to be my favorite, roasted corn and tomato salad.  It’s dressed simply with extra virgin olive oil, maldon salt and lime juice so you can really taste the sweetness of the corn and tomatoes.  You better hurry up because the season is almost over!

corntomatoes2That’s me getting corn from our local farm, Round Swamp.

corntomatoes3First you grill the corn.

corntomatoes4Cherry tomatoes from our garden.

corntomatoes5I take the kernels off the cobb, toss in some chopped chives, add the tomatoes which I’ve sliced in half, and the dressing (maldon salt, extra virgin olive oil, and lime juice).