Roasted Branzino

roastedbranzino1People always ask me if I cook dinner for myself when I’m eating alone.  The answer is yes.  I make dinner for myself the same way I would if I was cooking for two.  My favorite thing to make for a dinner alone is roasted branzino.  It’s fast, easy and delicious.  Branzino is a lovely white fish from the Mediterranean.  When it’s roasted whole, it’s always cooked perfectly.  I ask the fish monger to clean the branzino so that when I get home, I just need to season it.  I salt and pepper the inside and outside of the branzino, drizzle some olive oil and squeeze 1/2 lemon juice.  I stuff the inside with thyme and rosemary.  I roast the branzino for 15 minutes in a 400 degree oven.  I make a simple salad as the side.  The whole thing takes less than 30 minutes.  Roasted branzino is the perfect meal to make for dinner whether you’re alone or with guests.