Red Velvet Cake Pops

For Valentine’s Day, I made these red velvet cake pops and used Martha Stewart’s red velvet recipe here.  I’ve been seeing cake pops everywhere even at Starbucks.  I thought they were so cute I decided to make them myself.  I bought a paper cake pop stand but it didn’t work!  The cake pops were too heavy so I went to the craft store and bought styrofoam.  The cake pops stood up and it worked like a charm.  Red velvet with cream cheese frosting is my favorite cake and I just love that it’s on a whimsical pop.  Happy Valentine’s Day!

 {Red velvet cake and cream cheese frosting}

 {Crumble the cake into a bowl}

 {Add the cream cheese frosting}

 {Form into balls and freeze for 30 minutes}

 {Stick lollipop sticks and dip into melted chocolate}

 {Add your favorite sprinkles}