Pumpkin Biscuits

pumpkinbiscuits1You’re probably wondering, why is she posting about pumpkins?  It’s nearly Spring?  Well, it all started about six years ago when I used to frequent the bars by Sutton Place and Turtle Bay in NYC.  I met this girl at one of those bars during a happy hour and became Facebook friends with her.  You know how that happens, you meet someone for one night, you Facebook friend them and you have an insta-friend.

Last year, I had a feng shui moment on Facebook and started deleting “friends” who weren’t really friends, old school mates, colleagues and came across Kait Turshen’s profile.  I noticed that she started her own blog called Bubble Girl Bakes.  I was curious and started reading her blog and I was instantly inspired.

Kait found out that she had over twenty food allergies which was the cause of her continual state of misery (as she puts it).  What I love about stories like Kait’s is that she took her less than ideal situation and turned it into a gain.  She’s dedicated herself to providing vegan, allergen friendly, and gluten free recipes that even people without allergies can enjoy.

When I met Kait about a month ago, she came bearing gifts.  Her chocolate heart cookies (recipe here) and her all purpose flour that she created.  It’s an all purpose baking flour that’s gluten free, vegan and allergen free.  She told me that I had to make her most popular recipe; sweet potato biscuits.  Oddly enough, my supermarket didn’t have sweet potatoes so I ended up making her pumpkin biscuits.  Hers turned out prettier but mine still tasted amazing.

I don’t have any food allergies but I’ve come to the conclusion in the last couple of years that I don’t want to eat crap and food with chemicals.  I don’t really miss it either because recipes like these pumpkin biscuits are so delicious you don’t even know that they’re gluten free and vegan.

I love meeting inspiring young women like Kait.  It just goes to show you that you can’t let barriers hold you back from your dreams and sometimes, when you have obstacles in life they are blessings in disguise.  Visit Bubble Girl Bakes for more recipes!