Mixed Greens With Edible Flowers

saladedibleflowers1I was at the Union Square Greenmarket last week looking for strawberries and rhubarb (see what I made with them here), when I stumbled upon Windfall Farms from Montgomery, NY.  They had the most beautiful mixed greens and edible flowers I have ever seen.  The lovely lady asked if I wanted to do an edible flower tasting which I of course said yes.  I had no idea edible flowers have different flavors; there are sweet ones, spicy ones, bitter ones, my mind was officially blown.  The flowers were not only beautiful but edible!  The lovely lady mentioned that a lot of the famous chefs in nyc buy their edible flowers for their restaurants.  I bought the sweet flowers for the salad that I was going to make for dinner.  All I did was mix the greens with the edible flowers and some fresh strawberries and I made a simple dressing of extra virgin olive oil, lemon, and maldon salt.  I encourage you to try edible flowers because they are delicious and they make every plate look gorgeous!