Ladybug Cupcakes

For mother’s day, I made these ladybug cupcakes because my mom is a sweet lady.  They are really fun to make and everyone had a smile on their face looking at them.  I used this recipe by Martha Stewart here and her easy white icing recipe here.  I used red and yellow gel paste to make the bright pink and yellow icing colors.  Ladybugs are considered good luck and I’m definitely lucky that I have my mom in my life who is my everything.

You will need

1. Chocolate cupcakes

2. Black licorice, gum drops, large confetti sprinkles and a toothpick

3. Pink and yellow icing


1. Start with 1 chocolate cupcake.

2. Using a serrated knife, cut the cupcake top off.

3. Cut the cupcake top in half.

4. Frost the cupcake and the cupcake top, which will become wings.

5. Using a toothpick, poke 2 holes on the top of the gum drop.  Cut 2 small pieces of the licorice and insert them into the 2 holes on the gum drop.  Place the gum drop on the frosted cupcake.

6. Place the frosted wings on top of the cupcake.  Decorate the wings with the large confetti sprinkles.

7. Continue with the other cupcakes.  Then you’re done!