Ice Cream Sandwiches

I’ve been feeling really nostalgic lately.  When I was a kid in the 80’s, I would spend my summer days riding my bike and swimming in my neighbor’s pool.  My favorite time of the day was around 3 pm when the ice cream truck would drive by.  You could hear the truck’s music a mile away.  All of the neighborhood kids would stampede down the street with their money in tow to catch the ice cream man.  My favorite ice cream treat was the Chipwich, remember those?  I never see them anymore and it makes me sad.  To cure my sadness, I made my own ice cream sandwiches.  Instead of vanilla ice cream with chocolate chips, I used strawberry and pistachio ice creams.  I eat with my eyes first so I loved seeing the pink strawberries and green pistachios pop out of the chocolate chip cookies.  I used Martha Stewart’s cookie recipe here.  I love this recipe because the cookies come out soft and chewy which is perfect for sandwiching ice cream.  It was the perfect treat after a long hot day outside.  I felt like a kid again; except this time, I didn’t have to chase down an ice cream truck.

{I used the ice cream scoop to make even-sized chocolate chip cookies}

{Pick the best cookies out of the batch}

{Line up the cookies to see which ones are about the same size}

{Scoop the ice cream onto the cookie}

{Strawberry ice cream sandwich}