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Happy Thanksgiving!


There are so many things I am thankful for this year.  First and foremost, I had the rare opportunity to take time off to “find” myself, to travel, and to do all of the things that have been on my bucket list.  I am so thankful for this time and excited for what the future has in store.  I’m so so thankful for my family and friends who have supported me this year and told me to be fearless and to follow my dreams.  It hasn’t been easy and when I had doubts, they have been by my side encouraging me.  I’m also thankful for the apple pie I made (pictures above).  It was the first time I made an apple pie from scratch- from the dough to the leaves on top.  The process took 6 hours in total and during the process, I was wondering…who in God’s name would make a pie from scratch??  It’s so time consuming and you could just buy one!  As in life, the greatest things take patience and perseverance because look how gorgeous the pie came out.  If I had just quit, I would never have believed that I could’ve made something like this.  Thanks again to Martha Stewart for the recipe!