Dinner For One

dinnerforoneFor those nights when I’m on my own for dinner, I still like to treat myself to a decadent meal.  You will never see me eating cereal for dinner or ordering take out.  I’m just not that kinda gal.  I take eating seriously.  I also happen to eat dinner really late at night between 8:30 – 9 pm so my dinners tend to be on the lighter side.  Well, at least that’s the goal.  Last night, I made my favorite salad of arugula, figs, prosciutto, goat cheese and balsamic-honey vinaigrette.  I love eating dinners like this because it takes 5 minutes to prep so for a late night, it’s instant gratification, it’s light so that I can sleep a few hours later, and it’s a bit fancy.  Just because you’re eating alone, it doesn’t mean you should downgrade your dinner.