Cornbread Waffles

cornbreadwaffles_chili1Oh cornbread…I love how slightly sweet and savory you are.  Cornbread makes every meal better.  When I was in Seattle, I had the most amazing fried chicken and waffles for dinner at a gastropub called Sexton and my girlfriends and I had an epiphany that waffles are so damn good.  They are totally underrated.  I love them because the nooks and crannies catch what ever is on top.  My girlfriend Janelle mentioned that I should make cornbread waffles one day so I kept that idea in my mental rolodex until I made my famous turkey chili.  That’s right folks I went there.  Cornbread waffles topped with turkey chili (recipe here).  I made them for a girl’s sleepover that I hosted and it was a big hit.  I bought the waffle maker at target for $25 and used cornbread mix from Arrowhead Mills.  Janelle also suggested that next time, I should add jalapeno and cheddar to the batter which I thought would make it even better.  What’s great about this meal is you can make the chili ahead of time and make the waffles right before your guests arrive.  It’s fun because everyone can make their own chili and cornbread waffle and you can set up a station of toppings.  It’s perfect for entertaining because you get to enjoy the party-Wahoo!