Clam Bake At Home

clambake1For our last meal of the Labor Day weekend and the unofficial end to the Summer, I made a clam bake at home.  I got inspired by a clam bake we went to recently (read here).  What I love about cooking seafood is that it cooks relatively quickly and there’s little prep time.  I bought all the seafood fresh from the local markets.  Eating seafood is hands on and it’s really fun to eat.

I bought the lobster crackers, lobster bibs and kraft paper from which, made it feel like a real clam bake.  We bought the seafood from the Amagansett seafood store, the flowers, tomatoes, and corn from Round Swamp Farm.  The difference in eating locally grown and caught food is unbelievable.  You barely need any seasoning.  We cooked the lobster in boiling water for 12 minutes, the clams and corn on the grill for 8 minutes, and made a simple salad of arugula and tomatoes.  Seriously, it can’t get any easier!  Even though Summer is almost over, there’s still time for one last seafood feas