Caramel Apples

What do you do with all the extra apples you have from when you went apple picking?  One solution is to make caramel apples!  For me, caramel apples are a quintessential Fall treat.  It just so happened that I saw this recipe on the cover of Martha Stewart magazine that featured caramel apples.  Unlike the Martha Stewart recipe, I didn’t have apple tree twigs but I thought using popsicle sticks made these caramel apples look whimsical.  In addition to crushed cashews and sea salt, I used crushed pretzels as a topping.  I loved these toppings because they made for salty and sweet apples.  As a kid, I used to eat caramel apples without abandon.  I went straight for the apple in one bite.  Now as an adult, I cut it into neat slices.  How do you eat your caramel apples?