Cake in a Jar

I love making home made gifts for my friends and family.  Especially this year when all my friends are celebrating their milestone 30th birthdays.  It can become overwhelming with the costs and trying to buy creative and useful gifts for everyone.  I always say that edible home made gifts are the best gifts.  It shows the receiver that you took extra time to make them something delicious.  It was my girlfriend’s birthday and I wanted to make her something extra delectable.  I made her red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting in a jar.  I got the idea from Pinterest (follow me!).  There have been so many pins with cake in a jar and I knew immediately that’s what I wanted to make for her.  Instead of baking the cake in the jar, I made cupcakes first and cut them up and placed it into the jar alternating with the cream cheese frosting.  I wrapped each jar with baker’s twine and a spoon.  I thought they were so whimsical and a perfect gift for the birthday girl.