Union Square Holiday Market

Nothing embodies the holidays spirit like a holiday market.  Most years, I frequent the Bryant Park holiday market but last week, I went to the Union Square holiday market for the first time.  I stumbled upon it when I was shopping at the greenmarket and saw the stalls on the South side of Union Square.  It was Thanksgiving eve and it was packed with people.  I really liked some of the jewelry stalls and of course the food stalls.  But once the sun set and it got dark outside, the scene was pure holiday magic.  I loved the twinkling Christmas lights decorating the stalls, the smells of gingerbread cookies and cider, and the holiday music playing in the background.  Being there really got me in the holiday spirit whereas before, I was still dumbstruck that it was already Thanksgiving.  I’m excited to go to the holiday market in Columbus Circle near my apartment on Wednesday!  Happy Holidays!