Tatzu Nishi Discovering Columbus

For months, there has been scaffolding on the Christopher Columbus monument in Columbus circle.  The actual statue of Columbus has been covered by a large white box.  One day on my walk home, I decided to inquire about it.  I found out that it was Tatzu Nishi’s, a Japanese artist, exhibition called Discovering Columbus.  The exhibition is free but you have to reserve tickets in advance since there’s limited capacity.  Yesterday, I visited the exhibit.  You climb 6 flights of stairs to a fictional living room where you will find Columbus in the middle.  It looked like a real living room with couches, a book shelf, and a flat screen TV.  It’s the artist’s interpretation of modern New York style.  My favorite thing in the room was the wallpaper that the artist designed of American pop culture.  One of the best things about living in New York City is that there is public art everywhere and it’s usually free.  The exhibit has been extended until December 2nd just as an FYI.