Stick With Me Sweets


I’m one of those chicks who needs to have a piece of chocolate every day.  My day wouldn’t feel complete without a sweet ending to a meal.  Last weekend, my sister and I were gallivanting in Soho when we decided that we needed something sweet after our semi-healthy brunch (read here).  We stumbled upon Stick With Me Sweets, a teeny tiny chocolate shop in Nolita.  The space is minimal and immaculate which seems fitting because you are immediately drawn to the one large glass countertop that holds 24 beautifully crafted bon bons that are works of art.  I couldn’t help but stare at them and I probably would’ve continued to until Grace our sales girl asked if she could help.  She said I could take as many photos as I want as long as I tagged them which was music to my ears.  She said the black sesame with passion and the bourbon maple pecan were the store’s best sellers.  I personally loved the matcha green tea and the dulce de leche. One caveat is that they’re expensive; one bon bon is $3 and some cents but after I ate 6 of them, I wanted to go back and get all 24 because they were freaking amazing.  They were almost too beautiful to eat.


24 beautiful bon bons


The white chocolate ones were amazing!


6 chocolates to bring home and they were definitely not enough.