Snow in New York

centralpark {Bow bridge in Central Park | Photo Source}

If you haven’t heard by now, New York got a lot of snow and all I’ve been hearing lately is people complaining about the weather and how messy and cold it is.  Myself included.  When it snows in New York, it’s not always as picturesque as you would think.  The snow seems to turn grey immediately and everyone is miserable.  Nobody wants to be cold yet we love New York for its seasons.

Yesterday, I reminded myself to stop being so negative because after all, it’s Winter and I live in New York so snow storms are inevitable.  So after being stuck indoors all day, I went outside at about 7 pm and I just stood outside on the street (not too long) and marveled at the beauty.

It was such a serene scene.  There were maybe two cabs on the street going at a snail’s pace, a few brave souls slushing through the snow, and there was a quiet calm that usually only happens when it snows.  The white powder blanketed every inch of the street and it looked like a beautiful Winter Wonderland.

So yes, was it freezing?  Was it a huge pain in the ass?  Yes but if you keep looking at the negatives, you will miss the beauty in everything.  I’m getting all philosophical on life from this snow storm but that was the lesson I learned yesterday.