Smorgasburg is Back!

smorgasburg1{Seafood ramen from Ramen Lab}

Smorgasburg is back in Williamsburg!  I went last Saturday for the 2nd weekend it’s been open.  I’ve written about Smorgasburg before (read here).  Last year, I went quite a few times.  After you’ve experienced the madness that is Smorgasburg, you have to create your own plan of attack on how to deal with the crowds, how to get what you want to eat, and a strategy for the lines.  My advice is to get there right when it opens at 11 am so you avoid the crowds and lines.  If you end up getting there at prime time like I always do, I like to divide and conquer.  First, my boyfriend and I usually do a lap around to see all the vendors and we decide what we want to eat, then we separate.  One person will wait on the longest line while the other will get the rest of the food.  This past Saturday was great because my mom and sister came with us so we had 2 extra people getting food.  While my mom was waiting on the Mighty Quinn’s BBQ line which is usually the longest, we all got ramen, grilled cheese, lobster rolls, and etc.  I love going to Smorgasburg because you get to be outside when the weather is nice.  It’s not far from Manhattan, the food is really good and there’s something for everyone.  Don’t forget cash and your patience!

smorgasburg2{View from Williamsburg}

smorgasburg3{Grilled cheese from Milk Truck}

smorgasburg4{We Rub You}

smorgasburg5{BBQ at Mighty Quinn’s}