Rockaway Beach

Last Thursday, I posted about Rockaway Taco as seen via this post.  I’ve lived in New York my whole life and I never even knew Rockaway Beach existed until this year.  I only knew about the beach because I’ve read about Rockaway Taco in every New York magazine and food blog.  I was pleasantly surprised at how nice the beach was and for a city beach, it was clean and there were a lot of amenities.  It’s right near JFK airport so there are airplanes that fly over you ever 5 or so minutes which was pretty cool.  There were even waves and the ocean was so refreshing.  I sound like I’ve never been to a city beach before; maybe it’s because I was so amazed at how nice this beach was.  Everything about this beach trip was easy.  The parking was free, there were no entrance fees, and there’s food on the boardwalk and surrounding areas.  I found this cute little cafe on the boardwalk called La Fruteria which had my favorite drink, horchata.  Except, they had a fancy horchata that was flavored with chai spices.  Bottom line, it was a great beach getaway for a city girl who doesn’t have time to trek it to the Jersey Shore or the Hamptons.  If only they figured out the traffic situation.

 {Notice the airplane in the background}

 {Drinking chai horchata at La Fruteria}

 {Wishing summer could last forever}