Picnic In The Park

Since we live in New York City, we don’t have a backyard where we can entertain or just hang out.  When the weather is warm, the parks of New York City transform into a huge backyard for many city dwellers to play, sun, and socialize.  Among my friends and family, our favorite activity is to get food to-go, lay down a huge blanket and have a picnic in Central Park.  We get to hang out together outside without the hassle of reservations or crowds.  We can all relax and catch up.  Our spot is Sheep’s Meadow which is a large lawn in the Southern part of the park.  For an afternoon, you forget that you’re in a big city.  It’s so nice to take off my shoes and walk barefoot in the grass.  It doesn’t faze people that there’s no ocean, they still lay out in their bikinis.  There are kid’s birthday parties and grown up ones as well.  It doesn’t occur to anyone that we’re all there together sharing the same backyard.  I’m so lucky that I live close to the park because it’s my one escape from the hectic life in a concrete jungle.

 {Looks like a pretty bag but it’s also a cooler}

 {Healthy snacks from Whole Foods}

 {Barefoot in the grass}

 {Basking in the sun}