My Classic New York

classnyc1When people ask me what my favorite places are in New York, it’s hard to choose because there are so many places, foods, and memories that come to mind.  Also, the same place can have different meaning to me over time.  One of my favorite things to do, as you know, is to wander through New York.  I can do this for hours and hours discovering new cafes, shops, and streets.  I had a day off yesterday and wanted to hit up my favorite “Classic” New York spots.  There were so many places that I wanted to hit up but couldn’t either because the lines were too long or it was too damn cold to walk there!

I’ve lived in New York my whole life but I’m still a tourist at heart.  I always bring my camera around because there are always great photo opportunities.  One of the places that I didn’t get to go to was the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  As kids, my dad used to drop us off there every Saturday for like 4 hours so that we were immersed in art.  I guess looking back that was pretty risky leaving 2 young kids in a museum but I’m so grateful that he did because I grew up appreciating art (thanks dad).

The reasons why most people hate New York like it being loud, crowded, overwhelming, and dirty are the very reasons I love it.  I love the energy, the hustle and bustle and that it’s a little rough around the edges.  I love that every neighborhood is different and has its own vibe.  It was absurdly crowded yesterday and getting around the city was a nightmare since it was the day after Christmas.  Not to mention is was freezing but nothing was going to stop me from having my Classic New York day.  Here are some of my favorites highlights…

classicnyc2{Grand Central is pretty gorgeous huh?  Don’t forget to look up!}

classicnyc3{Do you know about the whispering wall in Grand Central? If you stand under the arch and the other person stands on the opposite arch, you can hear each other whisper!}

classicnyc4{In 1905, Lombardi’s Pizza is America’s 1st Pizzeria}

classicnyc5{I love the crispy thin crust}

classicnyc6{Balthazar is still my favorite spot in Soho it’s always bustling and the food is great}

classicnyc7{The New York Public Library}

classicnyc8{Taking a coffee break outside the Plaza Hotel}

classicnyc_9{Early mornings at Bethesda Terrace in Central Park}

classicnyc_10{The yummiest sandwich in New York a pastrami-on-rye at Katz’s Deli. Also, if you’ve been living under a rock this is where Sally had her O in When Harry Met Sally}

classicnyc11{I heart NYC}